GPS Challenge

Here are some of our favorite locations around Retzer Nature Center. The Retzer Teaching Naturalists frequently lead hiking groups to these locations to study and enjoy them. Organized GPS hikes use Retzer GPS units to learn about GPS hiking.

Awesome Waypoints

For those of you with hiker-friendly GPS units, we invite you to share the experience of these waypoints. Where are the caches? Nature has provided an ever changing variety of “caches” at these sites. We find differences and surprises each time we visit them. We invite you to return and watch them grow and change.

Parking N43 00.914 W88 18.640
Trail Head N43 00.909 W88 18.675
R01 N43 00.897 W88 18.734
R02 N43 00.772 W88 18.653
R03 N43 00.676 W88 18.841
R04 N43 00.798 W88 18.888
R05 N43 00.790 W88 18.962
R06 N43 00.901 W88 18.830
R07 N43 00.925 W88 18.800
R08 N43 01.015 W88 18.637
A GPX file of these points is available:
download here.